Some philosophy


     I hold the idea, that every music piece is a living organism, and not only organism – it has its soul, spirit, and that every of this “music-being” has its own freedom and life way, and every “projector” must reveal this substance in its purest hypostasis, he must permit the music to follow its free meandering and branching stream, which later on reaches the Ocean of Infinity. All these tracks are done mostly under the influence of the ideas of Nicolay Roerich, Daniel Andreev, Sri Chinmoy and many of the contemporary musicians, painters and writers, but this influence is distinguished by its liberating and transcendent nature, that doesn’t limit the borders of perception, but seeks to wipe these borders off in order to achieve broader vision of our multidimensional world.
     I suppose that ambient music is the most ancient kind of music, which existed long before the humanity, and may be even before the beginnings of the creation of the visible Universe. Ambient sounds are not limited only by audible sounds – light, heat, radiation, thoughts are too ambiance, but at the moment man can’t perceive and interpret them properly, as his organs don’t cover this broad range of vibrations.
     Music, that I “project”, is to help the listener to draw his attention into the depths of his inner world and to come to inner peace. This doesn’t obligatory mean, that music must be always positive and optimistic, on the contrary, it must be variable, it has its rises and falls, and illumination and disappointment are of the same character – they tear down the walls of illusion in front of our field of vision, and we must respect both the phenomena. So, let the music flow and carry our minds in its stream to Infinity. 

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